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Post-editing of machine-translated content

Texts are already being translated by machine in a whole host of fields. To ensure a linguistically flawless outcome that is appropriate to the context at hand, post-editing is essential.

Our translators check the machine-translated text and adapt it to ensure a fluent, grammatically correct and technically accurate translation.


  • Light post-editing

Light post-editing involves correcting content errors such as mistranslations, numbers and incorrect information. However, not all syntax errors are removed as long as they do not distort the meaning of the sentence.

  • Full post-editing

Full post-editing means optimising the text stylistically in addition to the services described above for light post-editing.

The language is natural, the tone of the source text is retained, and the company’s own corporate wording is applied. We work with translators specialising in the relevant subject area for full post-editing.



Machine translation





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