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Artificial Intelligence and Context

Our proof-readers guarantee:

  • Quality AI-generated texts

  • Context-sensitive verification

  • Elimination of AI-generated errors or ”hallucinations” including factual Inaccuracies, fabricated information, harmful misinformation

  • Stylistic upgrading to remove machine echo

  • Copywriting to boost originality


Context-sensitive leveraging of AI and translation tools

The future is now and we at Context are uniquely positioned to leverage the power of futuristic technology to create foreign language texts while also ensuring top quality and perfect context-sensitive wording.  As our name says it all - this is thanks to our emphasis on context.

Machine translation








AI is just like Schrodinger’s cat

We experienced just that recently proofreading a documentary film covering aspects of quantum mechanics based on the famous example of Schrodinger’s cat. How do you know if the cat in the box is alive or dead is the same question as how do you know the translation is right or wrong? In quantum mechanics you take a measurement – you peer inside the box – at Context you check the transcription, the translation and film.

Context and a major German broadcasting company are currently cooperating on a huge documentary film series using AI to produce broadcast-quality film. Context translators and proof-readers upgrade AI-generated scripts to attain high-quality and fact-checked camera-ready scripts for the sound studio.  The use of AI requires highly professional proof-readers for maximum quality control.


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